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The Lawn & Garden You've Always Wanted!

At Countryside Lawn & Garden, our mantra is where passion meets precision for picture-perfect lawns. We blend a love for green beauty with expert care, crafting landscapes that captivate. Your lawn is not just grass; it’s a canvas awaiting our artistic touch for a stunning, lush masterpiece.

Commercial Area

Professional commercial lawn care for thriving, immaculate landscapes that impress clients.

Residental Area

Tailored residential lawn care for lush, vibrant, and inviting landscapes.

Our Expert Lawn Care

At Countryside Lawn & Garden, our commitment to excellence defines our expert lawn care services. With a passion for cultivating green beauty, we bring precision and personalized attention to every lawn. Our seasoned professionals go beyond routine mowing, delving into the intricacies of horticulture to create vibrant, healthy landscapes that stand out.

We pride ourselves on a meticulous assessment process, understanding the unique needs of each lawn. This forms the basis for our tailored care plans, ensuring that every blade of grass receives the specific treatment it requires. Our expertise extends across residential, commercial, and industrial areas, transforming ordinary lawns into extraordinary outdoor spaces.

Our clients experience more than just a service – they witness a transformation. With Countryside Lawn & Garden, your lawn becomes a lush canvas, a testament to our dedication to green perfection. Discover the difference our expert care makes, turning your outdoor space into a thriving, captivating haven.

Countryside Lawn & Garden was established in 2021 by myself, Noah Ouwendyk. After working for several years in the industry, I decided to embark on a new journey and start a lawn care company. We service Port Dover and Simcoe with pride and are not afraid to get our hands dirty to keep your property looking clean.


Our Lawn Care and Lawn Mowing Services

We offer a variety of expert lawn and landscaping services with high standards such as lawn care, mowing, landscape maintenance, lawn aeration, sod installation, and seasonal property cleanups.

Here are our main lawn care and landscaping services

Lawn Mowing
Landscape Maintenance
Landscape Enhancements
Lawn Fertilization